7.1 She further said that for going global it

7.1        GlobalizationThe HR manager of Lottedefines globalization as global expansion, new opportunities, and company’sgrowth.

According to her, companies should seize the opportunities as soon asthey identify them regardless of countries. Since the world has become a globalvillage; it is not difficult to enter a new market that is in a differentcountry. She further explained that Lotte is Kolson’s very own example ofcompanies that have gone global. Lotte is now spread to around 70 differentcountries and is working towards expanding more. Such expansions not only endup being lucrative for the organization but also give them internationalexposure. She further said that for going global it is necessary to take thatcountry’s political and economic situations into considerations.

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7.2        Professional DevelopmentKolson is highlycommitted to the continuous professional development of its employees.  It arranges a number of seminars andworkshops to convey proper knowledge and skills to its human resource at alllevel of management. 7.3        Government GuidelinesThe governmentprotocols decide both the inflow of foreign goods and the procedures of theprevailing businesses to be followed.7.4        Environmental GuidelinesAlthough environmentalguidelines in Pakistan are not very rigid, the company still gets accreditationfrom standard administrations. For example, Kolson is ISO 14000 and ISO 9001:2000 certified.

4.         Other GeneralQuestions8.1        Strengths of Human Resource Manager:Ma’am Rabia Khatian strength includes:·        Her vast experience with Lotte Kolson,UBL Insurers Limited, Sidat Hyder Morshed is her strength.

·        Her effective coordination with thewhole department as a unit.·        Managing a huge manpower.8.2        Responsibilities as Human Resource Manager·        Responsible for development,implementation of HR policies.·        Reviewing and updating HR policies.·        Ensuring conducting proper trainingneeds analysis and development of employees.·        Managing compensation and benefit of theemployees.·        Hiring people for keydesignations/positions like managers.

·        Establishing relationships witheducational institutes to sourcing internees and inductees.   Conclusion Lotte Kolson (PVT) Limited is one of thoseorganizations in Pakistan who are dedicated and committed to supplyinghigh-quality products at the reasonable prices. This company has an overallwell-defined process. From a clear and complete mission statement to acomprehensible and transparent code of ethics, Kolson tries to provide itsemployees with an adaptable, positive, and pliant workable workplace. Kolson is also offering job opportunities to younggenerations of Pakistan. Even though, Kolson has to sustain its market shareand brand image in the Pakistani food industry, such as Bake Parlor, NationalFoods, Bisconni, etc., it has been keeping an elegant position because of anumber of distinguishing factors that includes providing facilities and givingrespect to their suppliers, employees, and overall stakeholders as well asshowing a deep concern for customer’s needs and wants.

  Recommendations NOTE: Theserecommendation tools are given in general though we understand any organizationhas to look up for many different factors while designing its policies.Although we found LotteKolson as one of the ideal places to work, however, we believe a slight changein its policies may result in a recognized growth of the company. For instance,Unannounced appraisalsmay work as a tool to assess the behavior of employees in a more effective way.Moreover, it helps to sort out the performers and non-performers in anorganization. Therefore, Lotte Kolson, instead of providing informed yearlyappraisal should go for uninformed ones.Although the workingenvironment is open and flexible, however, the company should work on providingflexible working hours to its employees as well.Lotte Kolson shouldconduct on-campus drives for recruitment, which may help them in hiringinspiring and creative talents.There should be awhistleblowing policy within the organization to empower employees and ensureaccountability.