WEEKLY FORECAST (Sorry its a day late), This week will be done as an overall rather than broken up into 3 parts. This week is about you needing to motivate yourself and drive yourself. It may be a slower start to the week, but the energy around it all is you will get there so keep going! The energy is a little cray as we lead up to a very powerful full moon at the end of January. If people around seem a tad psycho, if your emotions are everywhere, i give you permission to blame the moon haha! Yes, this even means your kids driving you bonkers…. Moon, Moon, Moon, Moon, Mooooon! With that being said, it is not all chaos leading up to the super blue moon eclipse on the 31st of Jan.  It has been almost two and a half years that have passed since the moon last plunged completely into the Earth’s shadow and the energy we will have to cleanse us of our unwanted thoughts, stagnant jobs or even relationships with people around you who do not make you happy, is one to embrace!This energy this week is all about reclaiming your power and sense of identity and individuality. If you feel a bit lost or scattered, this is the week to find yourself. Keep an eye out for people who will be a positive influence for that and hang around them and connect with them. Positive relationships this year will be your key to getting ahead and finally achieving those goals that maybe were sidetracked in 2017. You may find someone getting a little under your skin this week. Could be an individual, kids, your partner or workplace drama. Take your time to deal with it appropriately and not fly off the handle. In other words, use your patience and do not let your emotions get the better of you. This will be because over the next 2 weeks your senses are heightened as is those around you. Ride the wave and deal with issues or emotions as they arise and you will actually see issues becoming clearer and relationships developing to a deeper level.