5.1 reinforcing fibres. Sometimes, fillers or modifiers might be


1 Composition of Fibre-ReinforcedComposites (FRP):Commonfibre-reinforced composites are composed of fibres and a matrix. Fibres are thereinforcement and the main source of strength while the matrix ‘glues’ all thefibres together in shape and transfers stresses between the reinforcing fibres.Sometimes, fillers or modifiers might be added to smooth manufacturing process,impart special properties, and/or reduce product cost. 5.

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1.1 FRP Composite Constituents:•        Fibres•        Matrix•        FibreReinforcement•        Fillers•        Additives•        Sandwich Panels•        Adhesives•        CompositeDesigns 5.1.1.

1 Fibres of FRP (Fibre-ReinforcedComposites):Organicand inorganic fibres are used to reinforce composite materials. Almost allorganic fibres have low density, flexibility, and elasticity. Inorganic fibresare of high modulus, high thermal stability and possess greater rigidity thanorganic fibres and notwithstanding the diverse advantages of organic fibreswhich render the composites in which they are used. PrimaryFunction: •        “Carry loadalong the length of the fibre, providesstrength and or stiffness in one direction”•        Can be orientedto provide properties in directions of primary loads.Fibre Types:•        Natural Fibres•        Inorganic/Man-MadeFibres•        Polymeric Fibreso  Natural Fibres:§  Sisal§  Jute§  Flax§  Hemp§  Remi§  Sisa§  Coconut fibre (coir)§  Banana fibre o  Inorganic/Man-Made/Metal§  Aramid§  Boron§  Carbon/Graphite§  Glass§  Nylon§  Polyester Polyethylene§  Polypropylene o  Polymeric Fibres§  PE polyethylene (Spectra 900, 1000) §  PPTA: Poly(para-phenylene terephthalamide) (Kevlar 29, 49, 149, 981, Twaron) §  Polyester (Vectran or Vectra)§  PBZT: Poly(p-phenylenebenzobisthiozol)Commonfibres/reinforcing agents include:•        Aluminum,Aluminum oxide, Aluminum silica•        Asbestos•        Beryllium,Beryllium carbide, Beryllium oxide•        Carbon(Graphite)•        Glass (E-glass,S-glass, D-glass)•        Molybdenum•        Polyamide(Aromatic polyamide, Aramid), e.g., Kevlar 29 and Kevlar 49•        Polyester•        Quartz (Fusedsilica)•        Steel•        Tantalum•        Titanium•        Tungsten,Tungsten mono-carbide