Today I will be listing the three defining moments in 20th Canadian history, I will be listing the events that happened before and after 1945. The three defining moments that I will be listing has a value and has an important meaning to me. I will be listing the top three defining moments that I personally believe has an impact on Canada, and it helped make Canada become the country it is today. The three moments I will be talking about the Residential schools that took place in 1867, the person’s case that took place in 1929 and finally the character of rights and freedoms that took place in 1982. Firstly, I will be talking Residential Schools; this is a very unfortunate and devastating event that took place in 1867, Residential schools was a horrible event but I do believe that this is very significant to show how Canada over the centuries has changed and developed and how as Canadians can learn from the big history mistakes and that our generation doesn’t fall in the problem. The Residentials schools was a very racist and miserable event for many children who were aboriginals, the aboriginals were treated beyond horrible, they were being taken away from there parents which is very brutal. The purpose of the residential schools was to eliminate all aspects of Aboriginal culture. Students had their hair cut short they were dressed in uniforms, and their days were strictly regimented by timetables. Boys and girls were kept separate n addition, students were strictly forbidden to speak their languages—even though many children knew no other—or to practice Aboriginal customs or traditions. Violations of these rules were severely punished. Residential school students did not receive the same education as the general population in the public school system, and the schools were sorely underfunded. Therefore, this is the reason why this event was very significant. As of 2018 in Canada and when the Charter of freedoms was passed on in 1982 all children and people are able to express their regions and believes and are able to receive the same educations plan.