It is extremely important to realize that the goal of problem sets is to
provide students with practice that is supposed to help them understand
and master the material taught in the class. That being said, students
should carefully read and understand the following rules:

–  Students are encouraged to discuss problems and assignments with each
other; however, students should never use other students results for their
own solutions whether it is from the same year or from previous years.

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–  Students should never make their results and solutions available to the public
or share them with other students.

–  Students can ask for hints from other students if they get stuck on a certain
problem; however, students cannot get solutions from other students even if
the student providing the solution explains it completely to the receiving

–  Students cannot ask for specific details explaining how a problem can be
solved. Hints cannot be too specific to the problem; instead, they should
stimulate the other student’s thinking and help him/her arrive at the solution

–  Students cannot read other students’ solutions directly.

–  When helping another student, you shouldn’t be referring directly to your own
solution. Instead, you should be discussing general terms with each other.

–  Students should attempt doing problems on their own at the beginning before
consulting other students or asking for help.

–  Students should write solutions to the problem sets by themselves. They
should list all the sources used for collaboration such as other students or the
web. It is important to give credit to the sources used in answering problem

–  Every student should be able to explain the solutions he/she submits for the
problem sets.