New technologies are born each day,
whether it is an idea or an actual technology. The goal of the project is to
combine the elements of those technologies to create a tool that will be a help
to people’s everyday lives.

Traveling has a big impact on people’s
lives, making people experience, learn, observe and appreciate different things
from a certain place. When traveling, people traditionally first ask and
continue to rely on strangers if they are not familiar with the place. And
today the researchers want to make a change to overcome all of these
difficulties and provide a better solution to provide ease to visitors. The
researchers of this study proposed the idea of developing an augmented reality
navigational tool in response to those visiting and residing in San Pablo City
for a fast, accurate and reliable searching. The researchers came up with a
solution to use a Wikitude engine for augmented reality which can easily locate
the place inside the San Pablo City Proper.

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This study covers only the directional
information regarding the City of San Pablo and can only be used within the
boundary of San Pablo City. The project is intended for inserting information
of a place, its historical facts, and details of the landmarks in the City of
San Pablo. San Pablo City is known for having beautiful places and the mobile
application will provide a solution in terms of locating a place easily and to
help visitors of San Pablo gain knowledge about different landmarks the City
has to offer. It can help users be familiarized with the place which they do not
usually see. This application focuses on giving directions to the user’s
desired destination. It will provide accurate and reliable information on how
far and how long the travel will take based on the user’s current location. Travelling
in the City of San Pablo is not easy; with the help of this application,
problems like getting lost will be a thing of the past. The users would not
have to waste their time finding places, but they can also create good
opportunities and memories.