Cloud computing :

A prominent US
fintech’s interactive cloud platform solutions are powering Australian wealth
management and integrated small lending fintech firms

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 • The Australian online division of a global
bank, has built a virtualised “bank in a box” on a private cloud solution,
streamlining back end operations and creating new operational flexibility

Big data

• A Big 4
Australian bank uses information gleaned from customer transactions to
determine the right product, pricing and financial advice for the customer

 • Another Big 4 Australian bank has advisors
feed analytical questions phrased in plain English into a cognitive computing
software, which uses customer data to create suitable product recommendations
for individual clients


• A global
security company has recently investigated with Interpol, the theft of over a
billion dollars from global financial institutions including those in Australia

• In July 2015,
large Australian banks and the Australian government held a summit to discuss
cybersecurity, with intelligence sharing, skills and workforce development high
on the agenda

Internet of
Things (IoT)

• An Australian
bank uses BLE beacons in branches to interact with customers

reality (AR)

• A property
investment iPhone app from an Australian Big 4 bank, is using augmented reality
insights to help consumers make smarter property decisions


An Australian
bank uses contextaware computing in its banking app, which notifies the bank if
a customer is at an airport, so that overseas transactions won’t be incorrectly
deemed fraudulent


The emphasis on
quantum encryption to secure payment transactions and data is accelerating, to
meet the challenges industry will face

• An Australian
Big 4 bank is sponsoring research into quantum computing with a $5m
contribution to an Australian university leading this research


The partnership
between a Big 4 bank and a leading international cognitive computing software
has given financial planners access to a cognitive advice solution, to improve
advice quality