MarketSegmentation                 There is no way for segment market users.

Companywill using different variable segments or a combinationof the best ways to view the structure of the market. When it is relatedto market strategy and e-mail campaigns for example, it is key to company success.Market segmentation is a marketing way to company target their  market become in a smaller groups and moremanageable. Procter and gamble focus on product that always be a daily needsfor consumers. Throughmarket segmentation, Procter and Gamble has divided large andheterogeneous markets into smaller segments that can be achieved moreefficiently and effectively with products and services that match their uniqueneeds.

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The market segmentation of company to success must expanded to globally.So, because the company has global expansion, as well as its market segmentation.Market segments also allow companies to provide better services to customers byidentifying and marketing their different products to different users. Brand positioning strategies Fixing brand positioning strategy identifies the basis ofwhich company expect to their brand purchased with priority for competition.

The content appears directly on the product or serviceand the needs of the user base intended to be filled. Companyshould clearly state the basic benefits of product promised by the brand andwhich are the most basis for purchase. Then, brand positioning strategiesalso must be include the product feature statements that make this possiblebenefit and the desired or character to build for the brand. Procter andGamble is the largest manufacturer of branded products for household.

Procter andGamble increase investment in its digital capabilities, as it recognizes itshould have a stronger brand position. The company brand positioning strategiesdetermined to be a more efficient business that can respond quickly to newconsumer trends     .