William Ury gives fivestep strategy  for negotiating with uncooperativeand intransigent approach and there are people who feel out bad and get angry becausethey don’t know any more effective way to behave and they don’t see any benefitout of negotiating. The steps involved in dealing with these parties are:1) This is by controllingone’s own behavior .When you are facing difficulty Ury quotes “going to balcony”.You need to keep the mental equilibrium by distancing yourself emotionally andsee the situation objectively.2) The second step isby disarming the opponent by stepping to their side.

By listening actively tothe other side by clarifying doubts and questions .There is need to say yes toreduce tensions and foster and environment of agreement. Saying Yes instead of But.

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Making I statements rather than make you statements.3) This is to reframedisputes in terms of interest rather than on positions. Asking open endedproblem solving oriented questions and asking why and why not questions situationalto elicit opponent’s interest and to generate alternative solutions. Identifythe problematic behavior4) By building theopponent party a golden bridge to make them from their position to anagreement.

Offering choices to opponent party and seeking third partyrecommendations for opponents and giving the opponent party the credit to solvethe problem and finding the solution. Allowing the opponent to go to balconybefore making their decision.5) This is the stepwhen the opponent party refuses to accept the golden bridge, so in this caseyou need to make it hard for opponent to say no.

Instead of using power tobring the opponent to knees use them to bring them to the senses Here the goalis to educate opponent party that agreement is in their best interest If theother party still resist the BATNA needs to be applied The goal is not todominate other side or to destroy them but the goal is to make them partners insolving shared problems