3 have to be very regular focus and not

3 simple things you can do right now to build better habits in our daily life habit is not an easy process to build. You have to be very regular focus and not lazy of course to build a new habit. Here we have 3 simple things that can help you to build better habit right now- 1- small steps we dream big but we have to start with small things. If you want to lose weight you cant just stop eating junks and do lots of exercises. Its a process which requires time; you have to start with simple steps like avoid keeping junk food near you the daily routine of going to gym and others. Our goal is to make it a habit you have to be consistent and you have to increase the intensity of work or exercising in regular intervals. Another example you want to study continuously for two hours start with 30 minutes of regular sitting. Small achievements give you happiness and motivate you to continue it for long. Promise yourself to follow the routine every day in every situation. 2- process plan before starting with any plan to learn a new habit it is important that you should know why you want to build it. The answer you get from yourself should be satisfying. Think about how it will be beneficial for you for your relationship and how it can help you in your life. Answers to these questions will keep you motivated. Visualize your plan and imagine how happy you will be if you make any habit that is helpful. Keeping records of your success can be useful as well. You should know that the new diet is helping you or not the new study plan is improving your marks or not. 3- reward yourself celebrate your small victories; reward yourself for at least trying. For example promise yourself that you can eat good food after hitting the gym; you can buy something for yourself or listen to your favorite song if you complete your project today and many other things. Rewards should be motivating; it should be tempting and should force to complete the work. Keep a good friend that can cheer you up and celebrate your success with you. Do your best to complete the task in future you should have no regrets. Most important thing is- do one thing at a time. Dont overload yourself with so many things. Dont try to learn so many things in short period of time. It will demotivate you. If you dont succeed dont be disappointed and dont judge yourself. Its not a failure maybe your execution was not right and maybe you need a new plan. Make a new and upgrade plan to get on track quickly.