3 accomplished their goal in the game, which results


3 act structure

The 3 act structure is the narrative to a game that is split
into 3 different sections also known as acts. Firstly you have act 1 which
consists of the ‘exposition’ and the ‘Inciting incident’.  The ‘Exposition’ in a game is the start of
the storyline. For example, this could start with the background story about
the main character and their role in the game. The inciting incident is a part
in the game that can have an effect on the story as a whole or can affect the
way your character takes part in the game. The second act of the 3 act
structure consists of something called a ‘Rising action’; a ‘Rising action’ is an
event that has happened in the game causing it to change the way your character
plays in the game.  A rising action in
the game is usually when the protagonist meets the antagonist. The final act of
the 3 act structure consists of the climax, falling action and resolution. The climax
is the height of the game; it may be when there is a confrontation between the
protagonist and the antagonist, which normally results into the protagonist winning.
The falling action isn’t as exciting or important as the climax; it consists of
the protagonist making their way back to their kingdom after defeating the antagonist,
also surpassing any other obstacles through their journey. Lastly, the
resolution could be when the protagonist has made it back to their kingdom or
accomplished their goal in the game, which results to a happy ending.

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Character types

There are a variety of different character types which
include, playable characters, fighting game characters, non-playable characters
and enemy character types. Firstly playable characters are mainly used in FPS
style games some of the different character roles in playable character types
includes, a player character which is a character that is controlled by you. Another
character type would be an adventure duo, this character type is two characters
partnered together usually being the main character with a weird or unique
person. Moving onto fighting character types, some of the character types in
fighting games include an assist character which is a non-playable character that
is basically there to simply assist a character that is playable. Another character
type is a ditto fighter which is a character