CrossCultureProgramme Motivation Letter This letter of motivation isto be filled out and uploaded on the online application portal by the applicant. 1.     Pleaseanswer the following questions(max. 500 words per section). Whatmakes you an interesting candidate for the CrossCulture Programme? What would you like to experience and learn?         Whatis your current position and responsibility in your home organisation? Howwould your home organisation benefit from your participation in the programme?         Whatwould be the benefit for the host organisation workingwith you? Whatexperiences, skills and networks would you like to share?         Do you already have ideaswhere you would like to work (field of work or specific organisation)? What areyour ideas regarding a potential future cooperation between your home and hostorganisation?         2.

     Declaration of consent I hereby declare that theabove statements are correct and complete. Furthermore, I declare that I am ingood health and that my physical as well as mental working capacity is not compromised with regards to the requirements for the duration of the scholarshipabroadand the essential working ability within the host organisation.       ,                                                                                      Place and date                                                                    Signatureof applicant   The application deadline is12 January 2018. Pleasenote that only complete and signed applicationssubmitted through our onlineapplication portal will be processed.

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