In this article, Kaplan explaining about being a good communicator has different  meanings in different cultures. To effectively communicate between cultures, you must to  understand their cultural styles of the thinking behind the language of communication. When the  speaker and listener have different cultural samples of thought, there is an increased likelihood of  miscommunication and intercultural conflict. However, imitating the style of communication  your listeners, you acknowledge your values in this area. The English language adopted and accepted rule is to use indentation in a formal letter.

 This small detail is something that can define a writer as a conscientious man or a talent. It’s not  required but is considered respectable to clearly separate thoughts when writing in English.  Under paragraph refers to only one topic or one aspect of the theme.   Teachers of English in teaching foreign students should understand that their students  from different cultures use different forms of rhetoric in shaping a discourse. Teachers should  also, make it openly obvious to their foreign students to boost overall understanding and  retention. We believe that it is vital that teachers of English do not overload its international  students and was too eager. In the end, the students will soon return to their home countries.  They will remember only the basics of ideas and theories.

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 I have a different feeling about this article. I want to say that the Russian language harder  then the English language. I understand that this article is written in English but English does no has too much words like in Russian.