Gioia’s in her article explains “why literature matters”. She goes
into a few sub topics are all connected to her
main belief that literature is important in the society. She
supports her point of view by support the ideas that literature is very
important by stating statistics.

example, the connection between the people who read and the
people who seek in higher education having correlation in a positive way.

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She thinks that literature is beneficial to
society because it encourages the flow of ideas within
that society and also implores a more communal approach to
education. In the article, she mentions about the lack of the education is
poor for a whole as the individual and society. Who does not
engage in literature is a society that is essential dumb,
or the lack of the knows how to address the important issues about
government as well as other society problems. Simply,
a reader must get out of the article this bare bone ideas
that literature is very beneficial and how the lack of it