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1501 Avenue McGill CollegeMontréal, QC H3A 3M8January 25, 2018 Dear NicolasI am eternally grateful for the opportunity you have provided me with. This is a mega opportunity and getting an interview call was reassuring.

The first time I heard about Société General was from a friend of mine, who works for Bloomberg. I have read about Société General on its website to learn basic terms such as futures, options, derivatives, commodities, equity/debt, M&A, risk management – yes, I know them all. I finished my masters in May 2017. I have a GPA of 3.67 and I can proudly say that I have never missed a deadline in my life, be it professional or academic. Due to my decisiveness, empathy, straightforwardness, and honesty, I was chosen as team leader for 6 out of 11 projects by my team members.

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During my bachelors, I was the class representative. I was the student council for two years during high school and group leader for my school battalion in NCC (National Cadet Corps). Talking about my communication skills, I was the editor of school magazine for two consecutive years. While being proficient in English, Hindi, Punjabi, I am a beginner level French speaker.

 I want to assure you that I know what it takes to be an Application Support Analyst. This is an exciting, dynamic and challenging career with tremendous growth and opportunities. This job calls for both technical capability and business understanding. I am proficient in SQL and I have distinguished knowledge of Operating Systems platforms such as Windows, UNIX. Additionally, an unflappable temperament is a must and having worked in Call Centre Environment, I am ready for handling unfavorable situations in my stride. It goes without saying that application support analysts need excellent communication skills. I have the ability to express myself well, be it verbally, on paper or in emails.

Apart from technical knowledge, I have the distinctive business awareness, cultural awareness, services awareness as well outstanding analytical skills, the key competencies for this post. I understand that the clients will be dependent on the services I will provide, and I most certainly know how to respond to that dependency with acknowledgments, updates, and resolution. I have always made sure that I do top-notch work as I put my heart and soul to every work I do. I can say it proudly that I have never missed any deadline in my life, whether it was work or assignments.Being meticulous and detail oriented has always been an elemental part of my personality.

I have been an all-rounder throughout my life and have innate leadership qualities. I assure you I will create value by being a tireless and indispensable team member in the office. I’m confident that my skill set, and experience aligns with what you are seeking.Thank you for your time!Ramanpreet Kaur Sapra