1. what are their race, and so on. Generally,

1. Explain why social work practice has universal objectives when working with clients? Social work has always been one of the profession that helps people to make change in their life in every aspects.

The reason why social work practice has universal objectives when working with clients is to ensure that everyone has the same rights no matter where they are from, where they live, what are their race, and so on. Generally, social work is there to protect people with human rights. Human rights are vary in every country around the world. According to Anup (2010), human rights include a variety of aspects, from civil and political rights, to socio-economic rights. Due to these various human rights, social work has decide the universal objectives in the profession so that every people get their opportunity to change their life based on human rights. Human rights are important in fighting for social justice.

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Thus, when a social worker works with clients, they need to make sure that their clients’ need and expectations are fullfilled according to the universal objectives.   2. Discuss with examples why social worker needs to understand and intervene according to the client and their environment, and ensure that the client’s needs and expectation is fullfilled? A social worker must undertand their clients first before proceed with intervention. Every social worker must also know how their clients lives their live, what are their lifestyle and so on. Social worker should first observe their client and conduct interviews to get informations about their clients. After identifying the real situation of a client then an intervention shall be done according to their situation. This is to ensure that a social worker know what kind of intervention should be use. For example, some of the interventions need technology as one of the medium to treat people.

According to “National Association of Social Workers” (n.d.), under social workers’ ethical responsibilities to clients, “social workers who use technology to provide social work services should assess the clients’ suitability and capacity for electronic and remote services. Social workers need to consider the clients’ intellectual, emotional and physical ability to use technology to receive services and their ability to understand the potential benefits and risks of such services. If clients do not wish to use services through technology, then social workers must help them identify alternate methods of service.”(NASW) Based on this, it is important to first identify the real situation of clients and what the clients want so that social worker know what type of services and intervention are suitable for them. Social worker need to understand and intervene according to their client and their environment so that the client will feel comfortable and they will not doubt the services provided by social workers.Every services provide by social worker must fullfilled the clients’ need and expectations so that the client wont face the same conflict again and move on with their life for a better future.

For example, a client is facing some depression that cause him to attempt suicide often but failed. As a social worker, they must first build rapport with the client, then they must undertand why and what cause this client to depressed so much that he thinks suicide is the only way. Social worker must make sure that they make research on his backgroud, make a home visit, see how he live, who are his family members and what are his lifestyle to find the real cause of his depression. Social worker then must decide what is the best intervention, and of course based on the client consent.

As social worker, they should make sure that these interventions work on the client or if not, they could use other methods until the client’s need are fullfilled.              REFERENCES National Association of Social Workers. (n.d.

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