1. ownership. Some would argue that the second amendment

1.      If gun control is implemented it will have a positive affect on the suicide rate, injuries byguns, and the overall death by firearms with decrease significantly. Thesuicide rate, injuries by guns, and the overall death by firearms with decreasesignificantly due to the lack of firearm ownership.

Some would argue thatthe second amendment states that “beingnecessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep andbear arms shall not be infringed.” Stating that the any law prohibiting theownership of fire arms would conflict with this amendment. As in the eyes ofthe court the second amendment is limited like most amendments, stating thatthe amendment doesn’t actually mean to keep and or carry any weapon.  What is gun control? Whatwill gun control change in the us? Will the act affect the overall defense as afree country? Today we will explore the benefits, and the downside of theimplication of gun control in the us. Firstly, there are many things that theimplementation of gun control will have a positive effect on; The suicide rate,Injuries by guns, and the overall death by firearms with decreasesignificantly.

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But who will it effect? It would affect the people who earn aprofit and live by a gun, such as hunters as it is a source of food and thereis a growing market for fur which is encouraging hunting and trapping as asource of income. On average93 Americans are killed by guns each day, gun violence in the US is of such aconcern due to substantially high results of deaths and injuries by fire armsannually. In 2013 it was shown that there were 73,505 nonfatal firearminjuries, and 33,636 deaths due to ‘injury by firearms’. Between 1999 and 2015it was shown that 51.9% of all gun related deaths and injuries was due tosuicide which equates to 313,641 suicides to firearms. Therefor if firearmcontrol is enforced there will be a reduced death rate as studieshave shown the hazards of owning a gun, If guns are eliminated, the risk andultimately the number of deaths will decline.

Hunters should bepermitted to own and use guns as it is a part of their living. It is recommendedthat only long guns are permitted for use and own as it is necessary for theirincome and food as there is a demand for fur it is encouraged to trap and huntanimals for their fur. Long guns are recommended as they are the most commonlyused to hunt.  Police should also be permitted to continue tocarry guns but will only be able to use it when necessary. This will be more encouragedas if the police just so happen to shoot their firearm they will need to fillout a document on why they shot their weapon instead of the supplied taser. Thiswill decrease the amount of shootings and deaths as they will need to be morecareful as one misfire could relieve them of duty. Some federal and governmentmembers will also be allowed to carry a firearm as well as does the police but ifun-necessarily shot they will lose their firearm and wont be permitted to carryone again. Security will beallowed access to a gun, they will be allowed to use it if necessary but willneed to fill out the form at the police station, after their shift is up theymust sign the gun back in and put it in the gun-safe.

If they use the firearm ifun-necessary they will lose their job and will not be able to get a job insecurity ever again, nor will they be able to work in a job that requires theuse of a gun.People will arguethat gun control will create a lack of self defense which would tie into thesecond amendment where it states, “Awell-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, theright of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. ¨ Thus, anylaw prohibiting the possession of guns would directly conflict with thisconstitutional amendment.”. Whichmeans if there was any law prohibiting the ownership of guns it would beinfringing on this amendment. With most rightsthere are flaws such as the second amendment in the eyes of the court. ‘In theeyes of the court this right doesn’t mean to keep and carry any weapon.’