1. objectify and dehumanize themselves. 5. He talks about

1.     As
paintings and images are constantly reproduced the meaning and story of them continue
to degrade down to nothing, and completely eliminate the artists original work.

2.     words can be considered less useful then vision,
because they never change, but the world around us changes constantly.

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3.     Men look at women and women look at each other.

Men observe women as a way to gain power, whereas a women’s gaze is described
as what can be done directly to her, and not by her.

4.     Men sexually objectify women and dehumanize them,
and so women sometimes objectify and dehumanize themselves.

5.     He talks about how cultural sexism has determined
that women’s bodies are meant to be looked at, unlike a man’s.

6.     As
the camera moves it changes the meaning and makes them transmittable.

7.     Women
are always looking at themselves in the mirror because they know men are always
watching them.

8.     Being
naked is being without clothes but being nude is a form of art, naked is a form
of self, nude is seen as an object or to be looked at.