1 Lahore, Pakistan. The company’s main mission was and

Company profile

Bareezé  came into existence in 1985 under its parent
company Sefam (Pvt.) Ltd in Lahore, Pakistan. The company’s main mission was
and still is to design, manufacture and retail high quality fabrics catering
Pakistani market.

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1.1     The Story
Behind Bareezé:


Bareezé ‘s cofounder, Seema Aziz
(left), started her thriving business neither to make money nor to help
children, but as a result of a challenge. At the time not a single Pakistani
had succeeded in producing high-quality textiles for the domestic market, much
less for export. Mrs Aziz and her brother Living in Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural
capital,  both launched the company in
1985, wanted to prove that their country could produce fabrics as fashionable
as any in Europe.

When production began, the fabrics Bareezé
 began producing, were of such high
quality–completely different from the low-grade, mass-produced ones’ when
compared to what other Pakistani companies made–that some buyers even doubted
they were really local.  According to
Seema see told that, “We built a reputation as a shop that sells imported
fabric and calls it Pakistani.”

1.2     What
Bareezé stands for today:


Bareezé  by the mid-1990s had emerged as one of
Pakistan’s most widely admired retailers, with shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,
Delhi, London, Malaysia and Manchester and A privately held company, it has
also built a reputation as one of the country’s few multi-million-dollar
business chains with 40% of its shops in franchise hands. With 5,000 employees,
nearly 90 shops worldwide, Bareezé  is
one of Pakistan’s leading businesses.

1.3     Its mission
and values:



Core values
of Bareezé  is quality and innovation.

1.4     Product

The Bareezé  range includes crisp
cottons, luxurious silks, sheer organza, chic chiffons and many more. Textile
embroidery is an art that we’ve mastered whilst keeping the local tradition
alive in each of our designs. Hand embroidery has been the epitome of quality
and fashion of the sub-continent region in the history books. Bareezé  is proud to be the perfectionist in carrying
on the sub-continent tradition of hand embroidery into their exclusive Bareezé  fashion fabrics.

1.5     Their
unique selling propositions (USPs)


In the market which is dominated by
local suppliers, Bareezé  had its work
cut for it to keep them differentiated with their offerings and provide their
consumers with value for the price they are paying for the product. To keep
their products and services abreast, there are different unique selling
propositions which are embedded in the company books. Some of the Company main
USPs are:

Their Finishing & Quality: 
The main thing which differentiates Bareezé  and its competitor is their fabric and design
with its best quality. The high quality cotton and lawn clothing line which
comprises of smallest details so make each product unique and desirable.

Own Factory: Their own factory based in Lahore with employment of
highly trained staff and personnel containing the best machinery of
international standard, all this gives them a competitive advantage over the

Nationwide and International Presence: With over 20 plus stores in
different cities of Pakistan with more stores in other parts of the world i.e.
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, London, Manchester and Malaysia, makes them the only
player in local and international arena with vast presence.

Market and Strategic Analysis

2.1     The Apparel
and Fashion Industry of Pakistan


In the recent years, fashion
industry in general is gaining more and more importance worldwide, from causal
wear to professional clothing. Recently, there is also a trend of children
fashion clothing where the target market is conscious about what children
should wear and how should they be in their surroundings. The main cause of all
this the media and its reach which is enabling the consumer to be knowledgeable
about the product.

One example being a fashion trend
in America which is also becoming popular in japan even though it is on the
other side of the world, this is only possible through media and other valued
means of communication.

In similarity, The Pakistani
fashion and apparel industry has been one of the few industries in the country
that has experienced a great deal of growth and expansion. With a greater
awareness of global fashion trends through the numerous avenues of the media,
the average Pakistani consumer has become more attuned to the notion of being
fashion conscious. There has been an appearance of a number of brands, labels
and designers that have emerged in the last decade or so that are testament to
the booming industry and the rising demand for fashionable clothing.

Another major factor that has been
greatly contributive to the success is the rising incomes of the middle to
upper middle-class in the major cities and urban centers of the country.

According to statistics, in 2014
the retail apparel industry stood at $8.7 billion rising with a growth rate of
9.4% compared to its status in 2010. This is a very telling figure with regards
to the potential growth of this industry in the years to come. Another major
attribute is that Pakistani Apparel also take up a sizable portion of the
country’s exports.

2.2     Current
Marketing Strategy


Since 1985, they have one basic
marketing strategy i.e. to make sure that Bareezé  is centered on its image of a high-end high
quality brand and products primarily catering the female segment of the
industry. This strategy has been executed by Bareezé  so well that, till today Bareezé  is positioned in the minds of consumers as a
high-end and with longest lasting fabric throughout the market.

Keeping this main strategy as the
core, Bareezé  have developed sub
strategies that aid their core product. This is further reinforced with its
flagship line of lawn products which have made Bareezé  a household name. Introduction new prints
every season with variable design in clothing is also a major strategy.

Product Line Strategy


Bareezé ‘s product strategy is centered around high-quality
cloth based offerings. Their current product line is divided into two primary
categories, Casual and Formal. The full variety includes the following:


Ø  Luxury Lawn

Ø  Swiss Lawn

Ø  Fine Cotton

Ø  Lawn

Ø  Winter Karandi

Ø  Pure Silk Chiffon

Ø  Cambric

Ø  Embroided Prints

Ø  Formal Net Printed

Ø  Chiffon


Ø  Pure Silk Chiffon

Ø  Velvet

Ø  Formal Net

Ø  Chiffon

This product line strategy is reflective of the main brand
image that is projected by Bareezé  that
being a strong producer of high-quality apparel based on premium cloth and
fabrics. As such they have a reasonable product line that is based on the
provision of various outfits under the aforementioned cloth categories. This
strategy strongly encompasses and caters to the buying behavior of the female
clientele that base their buying decision predominantly on the quality and look
of the cloth. Bareezé ‘s product strategy recognizes this attribute and caters
to the buying patterns prevalent in the market.  


Market Segmentation and Positioning

Bareezé ‘s segmentation approach is fairly straightforward. They are catering
to the High-End, upper to upper-middle class female consumers. The entire brand
image created by Bareezé reinforces their premium quality offering. They
completely focus on the catering to the said segment through well thought-out
promotional campaigns aimed at attracting the affluent urban consumer. Majority
of their outlets are located in affluent areas. Moreover, the price ranges
being offered by Bareezé are equally reflective of the positioning as



Differentiation Strategy


Getting value for money is
something that is desired by every consumer and Bareezé delivers that, with its
quality, design and heritage of its products. Also, in comparison the price of
the products is relatively higher than offered by the competitors; as the company
never compromises on quality of its products. All of the company’s products are
developed with the top quality materials, ergonomics and technologically
advanced machinery and highly trained staff so that final products are of
exceptional quality level; the products are then sent out to the outlets in
Pakistan and also all over the world. Most of the consumers feel that the clothes
that they ware makes them feel more special and also adds status symbol and
improves their image in the society as well.

Service Strategy


Good customer service is very vital
to any organization for it survival in the market. Like every other
organization, the customer service is an important aspect and a well-developed
customer service strategy is vital for success of any company. The best aspect
of Bareezé clothing is that the clothes are made of such a good quality fabric
that they last a life time with proper use. Still, the company has a customer
care center based in Lahore which can be accessed through their website, where
the customers provide their feedback, suggestions and also ensure that they
have no complaints with its products. On their website and though social media
the company has the policy of informing the existing customers about new
products and discount offers so that they can avail any of the packages that
they find compatible with their needs. The service strategy of the company has
been the most complementary element that has helped it in enhancing its image
in its customers’ minds.

Bareezé has also established an Online
store for consumers convince where they can shop all the products with our
leaving the comfort of their home. There also have special discount offers on
the online stores to encourage them to do online shopping. This helps the
company reach a wider audience and gain more of the market share.

Market Expansion Strategy


Bareezé is one of the major companies
that have its presence throughout the country as well as many international
markets. with more than 12 outlets in major cities and a few worldwide. With strong
footprints in fashion industry and clothing market, they have strong focus on
holding strong in clothing market by aiming for mass market segments in the
international markets i.e. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, London, Manchester and
Malaysia. This vast array of stores in the local and international market makes
sure that Bareezé is qualified as the first choice or its consumers when
compared locally and international other brands.


Competitor analysis


Bareezé is one of the first brands
to mark the inception of designer wear in Pakistan. But now the market consists
of thousands of designers from multiple sectors which may cause difficult to
dominate in the market.   Although online
apparel shopping in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, has been growing as well
with stores like Khaddi, Junaid Jamshed, Alkaram, Nishat and Gul Ahmed all are
the Bareezé ‘s major competitors causing difficulty to highlight their starting
position. Still Bareezé is well renowned for its formal dressing and quality
product line.

In addition to this, Bareezé also
faces some degree of comeptetion from local tailoring shops which develop
custom made outfits for their customers at considerably low price.

Pain Points of Retail Brands:

Inconsistent variety

Lack of customization

Limited outreach and restricted delivery

High prices


Pain Points of Local Tailoring shops:

Lack of fashion sense

No brand recognition or brand value

Not ‘Ready-to-Wear’/ Long wait time/

Over-involvement of customers in ensuring quality of
style and design



assessment of organization

3.1     SWOT



Bareezé  has
built up a reputation over the year and have consumers with strong brand
It has good reputation due to quality products.
People talk about Bareezé  a lot thus creating a words of mouth and
more brand value.
Good Financial position in the market.
Established brand image worldwide.
All are quality, durable and reliable product.
Swiss standards manufacturing across the line.
International representation in various markets.

Production capacity is low as production is mainly
focused in Lahore
To meet the demands, have to rely on vendors and
outlets to sell the products
Conflicts may arise when outsource in production is
Market share is still the same.



Can still go for the existing market to increase
share percentage in the target market
Now Pakistani market is becoming more quality
conscious which is positive sign to explore the market by implementing
effective marketing strategies
Blue ocean strategy to tap the untapped segments

Emerging competitors’ strategies
In Pakistan there are over 350 designers’ brand with
profound popularity



Although Bareezé has been in the
industry for nearly 30 years and has been considered a pioneering name in the
fashion industry, its market share has declined over the years. There a number
of rivals which have emerged, many of whom offer cheaper varieties and
different styles. Regardless, of this Bareezé can use its legacy position in
the market to introduce new avenues to reclaim their once dominant position.

3.2     value


Creating value in their every
product and service is essential for any company. Revitalizing its portfolio
while keeping its current market value gives the company a boost in
productively and effectiveness. This part will focus on how Bareezé can create
premium value for its current market through a process called ‘Bareezé Pride’
which also taps into a new market for complete Professional Designers Clothing
for Men

The primary goal of every company
is to create profit and to give back to the society thus creating value for the
company internally and externally in the market as well. The Bareezé Innovative
program focus on all the factors i.e. creating profitability and value on an
innovative level.

This program consists of a customer
involvement program that is the ‘Bareezé Pride’ which is a process
that will cater to the current and the new market. Bareezé Pride also takes
into account the men market by providing them with high quality liquid
resistant suits with accessories that will help then to get to a new level of satisfaction
and pride.      


This strategy can be divided in two
strategic parts for better understanding. The brand ‘Pride’ signifies that
involvement of customers current and new to play a part in designing, buying
and in the decisions making process. Which in turn will give them the option of
customization and have their own feel to the product that they buy.  Kiosks can be installed on every Bareezé store
where a staff member will be present to help the customer customize their own
dress (for women) or suit (for men) down to the last stich, color and design
with extra frills and accessories like neck tie, cufflinks napkins and bow
ties. This service strategy will aim to make the product that the customer buys
special and personalized to him and add more value to the product. The customer
can also be provided an ‘Involve Card’ with an ID/Password though which the
customer can login and see the status of their order in real time and when will
be available. This ‘Involve card’ will have a monthly fee of Rupees 1000 and
will allow the customer get access to special store discounts on readymade
items and accessories all year around that are not accessible to window
shoppers. It will also give the customer the option to have their product
delivered to their home free of charge giving them the utmost convenience.      
Value Curve




Strategic Implementation Plans


This section of the report shows
how the strategic ideas can be implemented. The action plan has been divided
into four areas, analyzing and assessing the need, designing Processes,
implementing the process, and sustaining it as well as status.



Identify existing outlets locally and
internationally to implement pride Kiosks terminals.

Have especially trained staff for the handle
customer queries and suggestion relating to Bareezé implementation program.

To do an analysis of consumers want and convenience.

A short video to instruct on how to do your own
customized designer suits.

Look and analyze suitable candidate for the
technology needed for the liquid resistant suit and computer chip for the
Bareeze care program.

Find a logistics partner to deliver the said
products or goods on an urgency bass

Review the market and analyze a pricing strategy
for the complete innovative program.



Marketing strategy in conjunction with the
finance department.

Design a campaign for he Bareezé pride with the
mantra ‘now everyone can be a designer’

Make campaigns on social media and also on
digital platform to enhance exposure and awareness.

Strategy to counteract any complains or problem
related to IT and infrastructure for the program.





Pricing strategy for the products will be set
higher than market as the products that are offered do not have a competition.

There will instructional online short videos on
our website for customers to see and know the process.

Budget will be allocated for the marketing
activities and the procurement of IT infrastructure.

Logistics partner will be specified for delivery
of the customized products.

There will be an incentive plan for employees to
motivate them. Also, employees will be given rewards based on customer feedback
as well.



There will be a 24/7 customer care center base
in Pakistan that will handle all products and logistics related quires from

There will be quota assignment to every store
for the innovative program which will be evaluated on quarterly bases and steps
taken accordingly.

Research will be done with the data received
from the customers to maintaining the standard and provide better customization
to their products.

Also, constantly providing refresher trainings
to the Bareezé store staff to keep them up to date with the changing trends of
the market. 






Pricing Strategy


To elaborate on the pricing
strategy above, the main point of a blue ocean strategy is to provide something
that the competition has either yet to think or yet to implement. So, you
basically have the first movers advantage with the products that are not in the
market yet. To take advance of that your strategy is to charge a higher
competitive price for the products across the range. As this will cover our
initial expenses as well as help to build a sustainable market share. There
prices will vary according the amount of customization a customer does per
order. To make sure that we have added value to our products, the loyalty card
scenario is introduced. Where each loyalty card holder will not be charged any
amount, as the card will be his or her proof of loyalty. The customers with the
loyalty card will be eligible for their customized product to be picked up
either from the factory outlet or they can choose the option for the product to
be delivered at their door step. The card will also give the consumers access
to special store discounts that a normal walk-in consumer cannot get, this will
be an added value to the whole program. Taking all the above into account,
charging a bit higher that the market prices for the whole innovative line is

Marketing Campaigns

Digital and
Print Media


Even though it is the 21st century,
digital media i.e. Television, billboard advertising, radio, Newspaper and
magazines adverts are at the fore front in developing countries. We want to
take advantage on that by showcasing the customization solution as an Advert on
television. The Ad on TV will have a small twist i.e. we will hire normal
people from the streets of Pakistan to design a dress that they think best
suits their personality and provide comments. The reason we choose normal
people is because in this way the audience can relate to them and help them
build a their moral and create a perception that ‘luxury is affordable to
everyone.’ We will use similar concept to create ads for newspaper, billboards
and magazines to create maximum impact and awareness among the masses. The same
strategy will be used to advertising for suits for the male market with the
liquid resistant feature being the highlight.


Social Media


We will also make use of social
media where, new deals on promotional will be mentioned on websites like
Facebook and twitter. This advertising platform has a major advantage as we can
reach large audience though this with minimal cost. We have an idea to use a
temporary Facebook account profile on our app, the DP will be changed every day
according the new designed made by the customer, this will not only help
promote the idea but also the products. This can give us a major boost in
creating a productive image for the innovative program without incurring any
expense or cost.


Six pathways

Substitute Industries

Bareeze new
innovation programe of Bareeze Pride is based on the model used by a number of
online shopping platforms such as Daraz or Kaymu where appraell complete
appraell can be bought and where the user has the chance to completely
customize theor outfits from top to bottom.


With a
growing trend in using digital technology and of the growing demand of
customization through such technology, Bareeze can tap into this changing
social and lifestyle trend.







purpose of a blue ocean strategy is to provide a competitive advantage to a
company against its competitors. Although, it is essential to study the
consumer and the market before creating an effective blue ocean strategy
because if the company choses skips this step then the strategy can backfire
costing the company a lot of capital, investment and can incur extra expenses.
Bareezé is the same as well, studying the market and addressing a needs of the
consumer while catering the wants is an essential formula for success. Before,
when it started in business in 1985 there was a need for premium quality
products and services, making the company more successful than any of its
competitions. Along the years, it introduced many product lines and different
fabric to cater the growing market need. But now the consumers are more
knowledgeable and self-aware then before. They want to have added value that
will show their individuality among their peers and in their social circle as
well. So, we must create a strategy that caters to those needs and wants
providing added value to the current market and creating new markets values as
well. In the end, it is all a gamble even though your strategy looks really
good there are always unforeseeable factors and circumstances that can either
delay or hinder the new strategy. All in all, it is the job on the company to
minimize those risks and be productive while being effective in any situation