1. it’s more colloquial, possibly more long tail and

1.    Voice Search.With the reconciliation
of Google Voice Search, Google Assistant; Alexa (Amazon Echo), Cortana Apple’s
Siri and a bunch of sensible home
devices, voice search goes to
be crucial for SEO. Voice search is rarely framed like a search phrase on
Google/Bing or any other search engine. Rather, it’s more colloquial, possibly
more long tail and a good focus on location. It might be an attention-grabbing
year on however the
SEO world will accustom the information
processing (Natural language processing) and therefore the completely different challenges
it devotes. 2018 are going to be a noteworthy year for this niche. 2.   
AMP will be more crucial in 2018. ·       What is AMP? Simply, browsing on mobile while you’re on-the-go will
mean that your internet speed is not always fast. So it’s best to customize the
experience of mobile browsing for all users (at least this thing what Google
wants to happen) by normalizing a mobile version of your website with AMP
(Accelerated Mobile Pages).One of
the starkest variances is that AMP pages do not have scads of stuff for a more
complicated user experience. Everything is omitted.1.     AMP forces you to use a contoured
version of CSS.2.     Javascript is not allowed at all.3.     You must have to use an
off-the-shelf Javascript library that AMP delivers you due to which it forces
your images to load slowly. That’s
it. Basically, when you consolidate AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to
standardize your mobile responsive pages, you are putting speed and readability
as the top priority over anything else – even over shareability. You must have
AMP websites as requirement when designing your website and every digital marketing company in Delhi, India
must have to look up at this specification of website development. ·      
What are AMP SEO benefits? AMP is crucial since it is helping the web content stuff
to browse faster, whichever improves the versatility and convinces the visitors
to stay longer in your website captivating audiences with your content. The
idea behind is candid: Faster the load time induces better engagement that
reduces the bounce rate and improves the mobile ranking.Nonetheless, AMP doesn’t raise the
engagement on its own. It doesn’t make your content more useful or entertaining.
If your load times are perfect (which, according to HubSpot, is less than 1.5 seconds) but your content is uninteresting and tedious, your
SERPs would not increase by reason of your high exit rate. To make AMP work
better for your site, you need to have the best of both worlds: fast load time plus superb content. 4.   
Integration of Augmented Reality through social media
platform. As the mobile devices become more
powerful and social apps better harmonize with Augmented Reality, brands/
companies will avail the Augmented Reality to better employ with the consumers.
For an illustration, using your location, brands could provoke the sponsored Augmented
Reality content. As we see that how Pokemon Go utilised the concept of AR. It
is expected that social platforms like facebook and instagram will soon
integrating this technology. Top digital marketing companies soon started to
use this trend of digital marketing.  5.   
Data Driven marketing will boom the Digital Marketing trends
in 2018. Data-driven marketing is the plan of using End user’s data
for flawless and targeted media buying and creative messaging. It is one of the
most transfiguration changes in digital advertising that has ever occurred.
Modern data-driven marketing began with the discovery of the customer
relationship management (CRM) software. CRMs allow marketers to groove which
individual customers are including the name and contact information.  Benefits of Data Driven marketing. Reach to the “MEANINGFUL
AUDIENCE.”We have a reach of that base which is “meaningful” means the audience which are interested in buying our
product or services and through we can able to bring ROI. We can utilise the data to
trim our audience down to the people most likely to respond. Creation of
personalized campaigns and content.With the creation of personalized campaigns and
content only targeted and “meaningful” audience will browse the content and
this will leads to increase your credibility hence, increase in inquiries and
sales of your products. Today’s age customers have good literacy about the
product and the tactics of the marketing used by the companies. This implies to
deliver more effort on personalized content. This leads to value based
one-to-one relationship. Customer data and insights mined from the marketers,
help to create a singular picture of the audience. Cross-Selling
& Up-Selling. Use data to find distinguished avenues to produce revenue from the consumer.
Are there areas in the sales procedural flow chart where you can offer specific
data or content that assists to move purchaser through more quickly? Information
can show you where the same products can be sold to customers more periodically.
It can identify the groups of people that would benefit from specific and
targeted campaigns by understanding their favours and choices and the products
that they love.  6.  
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the next level of SEO. If you think that Artificial
Intelligence stands in science fiction only, let’s say that it is the next
major technology applied by Google’s RainBrain algorithm upgrade.In an interview, Google confirmed that
RainBrain’s AI system as the third most important factor in the ranking
algorithm, with links and content.

Google Hummingbird is the overall search
algorithm, just as our hearts pumps blood through the bloodstream of our
circulatory system. RainBrain (a computer program) is part of the overall
Hummingbird algorithm used to process search results on billions of pages and
pull the most relevant information for specific queries. In 2018 we will see
that how google implements the use of artificial intelligence which will
further increase the usability of Google search engine.

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