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1. (10-1) By 2020, Provide educational opportunities and promote strategies for targeted groups that educate about maternal and fetal risks associated with pre-pregnancy obesity, gestational weight gain and postpartum weight retentionSocio-economic model: Community, Organizational, interpersonal, Individual Target Population: Women of reproductive age (15- 49 years of age), women at risk for obesity, obese population Objectives:1.1 By 2020, 5-10 % of women at risk will gain access to information and education of risks associated with prepregancy obesity, excessive gestational weight gain, and postpartum weight retention  1.1.1 Develop  1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4Target Population: Nevadans by income and educational level, age, race/ethnicity, disability-specific, rurality 1.2 By 2020, provide monthly educational opportunities of informative workshops, seminars, and newsletters, etc. through a variety of media outlets relating to the prevention of obesity and or management of obesity in pregnancy (INCLUDE: RISKS AND BENEFITS???)  (Community, Individual)  1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3 1.2.42. (10-2) By 2020, educate, promote, and provide behavioral counseling of all women in the reproductive age who are at risk for obesity and/or obese Socio-economic model: Policy, Organizational, Interpersonal, Individual  Target Population: Provide and promote postpartum interventions that focus on a healthful diet and emphasize the importance of moderate physical activity Objectives: 1.2 By 2020, 5 million-dollar grants will be spent on reducing populations where obesity rates are elevated above 35% by offering behavioral counseling to all women within reproductive age who are at risk for developing obesity (CITATION)—-from statistic to back up money and percentage decrease.  1.3 By 2020, increase yearly the number of programs and facilities to promote education and lifestyle interventions to all women who are at risk for obesity and/or are of reproductive age  1.4 By 2020, increase yearly the number of policies, practices and incentives to promote healthful eating in postpartum individuals through programs such as W.I.C., Planned Parenthood and Partners for a Healthy Nevada.    Target Population: Obese individuals who are trying to conceive, individuals classified as obese before, during, and after pregnancy