1.1 was 2 years old.He was then raised by

1.1   Life and works of the author


a)   Life

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Forster, in full Edward Morgan Forster, the British novelist and literary
critic was born on New Year’s Day,1879 in London.Forster was an only child,
officially called Henry Morgan Forster, his name Edward was accidentally given
during his baptism.His father, an architect, passed away from tuberculosis,
before Forster was 2 years old.He was then raised by his mother and his
father’s aunt, who left Forster the sum of 8,000 pounds in her will.This large
amount of money helped Forster achieve his dream as a writer.Forster grew up in
the English countryside north of London, where he attented an Eastbourne
preparatory school and then the family moved to Kent so that he could attend
Tornbridge School, where he was not that happy there.However, he found
inspiration and intellectual stimulation when he went to Cambridge University,
where among his teachers was the philosopher George Edward Moore, who  had an important influence on Forster’s
views.He was involved in The Bloomsbury group or Bloomsbury Set (1907-1930),
which was a group of associated English writers, philosophers, intellectuals
and artists, among these the best known members which were Forster himself,
Virgina Woolf, Lytton Strachey and John Maynard Keynes.After graduating from
Cambridge, Forster used his inheritance to travel in Greece, Italy, Europe,
Egypt and India, where the experiences in these places extended his insights
and he decided to become a writer.

tutoring an Indian student ( Syed Ross Masood) while living with his mother in
Weybridge, near London, the two developed a close friendship, and Forster
became curious about India, and India’s people.

many were aware of Forster’s homosexuality.He had confided it to his close
friends but not to the public.Even though he was involved with many men throughout
his life, he remained a bachelor.In Alexandria, Egypt, where he worked as a Red
Cross volunteer during World War I, he fell in love with Mohammed el Adl.He had
a short term relationship with a member of Bloomsbury group, Harrey Daley.But
the longest of his relationships was with a policeman, Bob Buckingham, who was
married at that time.Forster was 51 and Buckingham 28 when they met at a
party.Their long loving relationship extended to a secret domestic life at
Forster’s Brunswick Square flat.

the mid-1960s, he suffered from deep strokes.His last stroke on June 7, 1970,
ended his life in Coventry, England.