§ five ye?r? (2007-08 t? 2012-13). ?lth?ugh the Net

§  ?h?nging Trend? in ?ver?ge Number ?f Empl?yee? per H?tel:
The ?ver?ge number ?f empl?yee? per h?tel h?? in?re??ed m?rgin?lly fr?m 95.1 in
2012-13 t? 95.8 in 2013-14. H?wever, it i? intere?ting t? n?te th?t the in?re??e
h?? been ?t the m?n?geri?l ?nd ?upervi??ry level. in f??t, ????rding t? ?urvey
re?ult?, the in?re??e in the number ?f empl?yee? ?t the ?upervi??ry ?nd m?n?geri?l
level? h?? been gr?wing ?t ? ??GR ?f 4.7% ?ver the p??t five ye?r?, where?? the
number ?f ?t?ff level empl?yee? per h?tel h?? in?re??ed ?t ?nly 1.7%


§  De?line in Net in??me: With de?lining ?RR? ?nd in?re??ing
dep?rtment?l ?nd ?per?ting expen?e?, the Net in??me ?f h?tel? h?? been de?lining
?t ? ??GR ?f 6.5% f?r the p??t five ye?r? (2007-08 t? 2012-13). ?lth?ugh the
Net in??me h?? de?lined by 2.3% in 2013-14 ?? well, the de?line h?? been mu?h ?l?wer
?wing t? ?n in?re??e in ?RR? ?nd ?per?ti?n?l effi?ien?y ?f the h?tel? in the ?ne
t? Three-?t?r ??teg?rie? effi?iently m?n?ging the?e re??ur?e? thr?ugh dep?rtment?l

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§  In?re??ing U?e ?f Te?hn?l?gy ?nd ?nline Re?erv?ti?n ?y?tem?:
The u?e ?f te?hn?l?gy ?nd in?re??ing dependen?e ?n ?nline re?erv?ti?n ?y?tem? i?
? f??t emerging trend ?m?ng?t h?tel? ??r??? the ??untry. H?tel? ?re f??u?ing m?re
?n ?nline tr?vel ?gent? ?nd third-p?rty web?ite? f?r ?dv?n?e re?erv?ti?n? due t?
the ???le ?nd re??h ?f the?e ?h?nnel?. The u?e ?f pr?perty level te?hn?l?gy ?u?h
?? intr?net ?nd L???l ?re? Netw?rk (L?N), Yield M?n?gement ?y?tem?, Pr?perty M?n?gement
?y?tem?, ?nd Ele?tr?ni? Key??rd? i? ?l?? in?re??ing ??r??? h?tel ?egment?



§  De?re??ing ???h ??le?: The u?e ?f ???h ?? ? p?yment
meth?d h?? been de?lining f?r the p??t few ye?r?. in 2013-14, the per?ent?ge ?f
gue?t? u?ing ???h ?? ? p?yment meth?d w?? 36.1% ?? ??mp?red t? 43.2% in
2009-10. Thi? trend i? in line with the ??untrywide trend ?f ???h-free tr?n???ti?n?
?nd in?re??ed u??ge ?f ?redit ??rd? ?nd ele?tr?ni? fund tr?n?fer, whi?h h?ve be??me
? n?rm ??r??? indu?trie? ?u?h ?? ret?il.