500 word essay sample: Influence of Family on Voting

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Influence of Family on Voting

Although one makes decisions once they are older on themselves, the influence of the family cannot be overstated. How many times to do we find sons and daughters of politicians aspiring to be the same in future? The decisions that people make may be alienated from the decisions made by their family, but the reason for voting or not voting may be drawn from one’s family. As children the voting day was always special since the build up to the big day was always breathtaking. Coming from a family where mother and father were from different political parties it was always exciting to hear and watch the criticism leveled against each other’s campaigns. Although one did not understand the party manifestos and the underlying aspects that the party would do, one always knew the candidates and their slogans since it was put in the car and also at our door. Although I always wanted to side with my mother, I always found myself liking my father’s argument better.

The nominations of the leaders of the democrat and republican parties were also highly contested although my family was from different sides. My family was divided between different parties although we were not qualified to vote. As we grew order when one of the parties won we would react like we were in the Congress and follow all the proceedings to see how the parties were doing. These were important in cultivating a political culture and we couldn’t wait to attain a voting age. Everyone was focused and followed the party models that were critical in developing our urge to vote.

The same passion was not evident among our neighbors who some did not vote. They did not deem their votes as important in shaping the country’s future. While my mother and father were strongly supporting their parties, the same was not evident among other parents in the community. There were those who took it as a duty and although they voted it was not informed by knowledge of the policies that were suggested by other parties but on individual inclinations. There were massive differences between the reasons that they voted and what my parents stood for.

Families are, therefore, equivocal in forming opinions and encouraging people to take part in the voting process. There are different reasons why people may look forward to voting but if one grew in an environment that was charged and had a good political atmosphere it is easy to take part in the voting process. All the family members are dedicated to the voting process and take part in these systems to date. Although there is no one that has decided to pursue any political ambitions and vie for a political seat the political mindset is still intact. It is critical to developing specific models and aspects that are critical in developing the best practices through sensitizing the children ion the need to vote.

The number of people who forego the chance to vote is alarming and yet the forefathers fought had to gain a right to vote for all people who had attained the voting age. Voting is important, and people should be informed and driven by not only their party affiliations but their party manifesto. Every individual should strive to gain an understanding of the main campaign tools and models that the two parties are using to ensure that they help the people. One should be introduced to the importance of voting from a young age to ensure that they are committed and driven to vote in future.

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