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Marriage is a voluntary union between two consented adults, which is intended to last for a lifetime. Before a couple gets married, they have to undergo a series of events, which moves from the infatuation stage, dating, courting, and eventually marriage. Naturally, human beings desire to have a life companion, which is the top driver of a marriage. While other couples may purely marry for love, research shows that it takes a spirit of commitment to make a marriage last. As earlier mentioned, marriage is not for kids and therefore, the people in it must be willing to weather the storms with their partner instead of opting out at the slightest provocation. Marriage is faced by many dynamics including sex, money, children, and relatives. Gottman, John and Nan (87) asserts that every married couple should aspire to be the best partner that their partner will ever have and in return, bring out the best of their partners. It is important for a couple to learn how to navigate through the murky waters of sex and finances because these are the key drivers of divorce. A marriage should leave spouses with a sense of gratification and peace, knowing that their partner will always be there to weather the storm with them.

Sociologists argue that most couples tend to divorce after reaching the seventh year mark. Apparently, couples begin getting bored of each other and they become disgruntled after seven years with most opting to walk out of their marriage. It just so happens that a couple that started on a high during the courtship years may find it hard to sustain the spark in the course of their marriage and often, the love ends up dying. People also tend to marry with very high expectations of their partner and when the expectations are not met fully, they lack the mechanisms to deal with the underlying issues and instead choose to walk out of the marriage. Just like a small child, marriage needs constant nourishment and nurturing for it to blossom (Gottman, John M, and Nan,67). The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. A marriage is a team meaning that the partners should always strive to work towards a common goal and avoid working against each other. The seventh year itch seeks to explain that, since seven represents completion, that is when most couples feel like they have had enough of the marriage and they therefore make a conscious decision to leave (Papps, Thomas,45). Now, the couple has mostly dealt with cases of death, childbirth, infidelity, and even bankruptcy prompting them to conclude that they are with the wrong partner.

The theory further likens the seven-year itch to the early years of an infant. If an infant is not well nurtured during the first few years especially by the mother, they may be prone to infections and later on die. Couples may also raise children together then realize along the way that they do not really share the values that are needed to hold a relationship together(The Seven Year Itch: Theories Of Marriage, Divorce, And Love). The theory relates so much in many life aspects, top couples like Brat Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced after seven years showing that there could be some truths related to the theory. Most couples seem to cheat after hitting the seven-year mark, either because their partner stops becoming attractive especially after childbirth or due to social changes like job and consequent status. The seventh year itch 1955 film also reveals the complexities that married couples face especially after hitting the seven-year mark. In this particular film, a married man admires his neighbor and is often tempted to leave his wife and a young child to run away with her. It seems like after seven years, couples forget why they chose each other in the first place and they prefer to start new relationships with other people. When couples begin to realize that the costs of being in the marriage out ways the benefit, then the most viable solution is to call it quits.

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The coming of the America revolution

Americans were under the British colony and they gathered all efforts they had to free themselves from the British. The Americans in particular resented the British rule and the different acts that they imposed on the America because they strongly felt that the different states were diversified enough to firm a united nation (Carr, Joaquin, 34).In effect, they formed a revolution against the British government. When the British were fighting against the French, many resources were used leaving the country with debt. The American citizens were hence lefty with the burden of paying off the debts through some vigorous taxation, which included the sugar act, the stamp act, non-consumption, and non-importation, the formations of sons of liberty and the Boston tea act. The natives felt that the government should not extort funds from them to take care of the leaders in the government and help them lead extravagant lives. In addition, Americans at some point boycotted tea because that also became a means of taxation. Americans were also unhappy because of the way the British government were officiating inept kings like George 111. The stamp act was perhaps the hallmark of the revolution because the colonies felt that the taxation rules were meant to extort them.

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